Maximize your home value with ADU or Garage Conversion!

Garage conversions are gaining popularity in Dallas and almost anywhere in the country because they offer homeowners an affordable way to expand living space, especially for those interested in housing their family members closer by. The cost of converting a garage is much less than building another home on your property and also takes less time and effort than adding onto your house. Garage conversions work well for:

  • Single-family homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos
  • Co-ops
  • Property with attached garages
  • Homes with double driveways
  • Two-car detached garages
  • Homes with large backyards

One of the biggest motivations for pursuing a garage conversion is creating more living space.

One way would be by converting your detached home’s attic into another room, which could potentially provide an entire new suite or even basement apartment.

Another option may involve adding on to what was once thought as just two-car parking spaces but has now become much better known as “garage apartments.”

Both garage conversions have their pros and cons depending entirely upon how much money one wants to spend-make sure to consult a team of garage conversions experts in Dallas before diving headfirst into any project.

A garage conversion is a great way to turn your extra space into an income-generating property. There are several steps you’ll want for anyone looking for this type of development, in order to keep local building codes and laws while still benefiting from them. To know the necessary details on this you can contact a reputable garage conversion company in Dallas.

Separate living quarters can be made by converting part or all of the attached garages found on homes today. Consulting with a garage conversion professional company such as UDream Builders can help you do the job. They can build it in a way that will maximize the room’s area and functionality.


What is the cost of a garage conversion?

First, determine what’s involved with your project. Then contact local contractors who will work exclusively on your project. Garage conversions are a great way to have more space without selling your house. You might even be able to use the construction of an extension as an opportunity for you and or friends or family members in need of temporary housing while they get on their feet again, which could lead naturally into other renovations.

Hiring experts from Dream Builders Inc. is the best option for garage conversions. We specialize in conversion projects that will turn your spare room into something brand new! We plan, prepare and execute every detail of your new garage conversion Dallas project with precise professionalism. Our competitive prices ensure you get extreme value for what we offer! You can trust us with all of these services because we provide full workmanship guarantees on every job. We got you covered. Call us at (818)-961-4547 to book a free consultation today.


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